A Note Regarding Tournament Locations

Just a reminder to anyone interested in the tournament scene. Tournaments can be held in lots of different places…not just your friendly neighborhood gaming store. Many players have expressed concern over not having a game store nearby for potential tournament and organized play activity. You can hold a sanctioned MBD tournament in any public place. Libraries, rec centers, fire halls…any location that has unrestricted access for the public is fair game. The important thing to remember is that is that it has to be open to anyone and everyone that might be interested in playing.

So if you can’t find a tournament…make one! Register as a TO and we’ll get you set up with everything you need to host a successful Marvel Battle Dice tournament. Make friends, grow the game in your area and most importantly… have fun!
Tournament Rules Are Here!
With Tournament Organizer registration now officially open, we thought it might be a good idea to give players a head-start on building their tournament-level teams. Here then are the…

Marvel Battle Dice Tournament Rules

All of the rules from the Starter rulebook and the current FAQ, found at apply, with the following additions:

Teams will consist of up to 30 points worth of heroes or villains. You can play with less than 30 points…if you’re bold!

Players may not look inside their dice once their characters have been loaded.

Dice for a player’s team must be as evenly distributed among the three dice colors as possible given the number of team members. In other words, you can’t add a second blue die until you have at least one red and one yellow, etc. So if your team consists of 3 characters, you’ll have one of each die color.

No more than 2 of any particular non-unique character per team.

Each round will be 45 minutes, best 2 out of 3 games. If time runs out during a game, the player with the most characters in his Holding Zone is declared that game’s winner.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, which there won’t be because Marvel Battle Dice players are the best sort of players, the Tournament Organizer’s ruling is final.

DISCLAIMER: If everyone involved in a tournament agrees, including the Tournament Organizer, the above rules can be modified and amended as desired. The important thing is to have fun!

There you have it. Short and sweet. Let us know what you think in the forums and by using the shiny new poll just to the left. And get to work building those unbeatable teams!

Intro Message

Dear Players:

This is the official site for Marvel Battle Dice Ratings & Rankings. These scores are based on games sanctioned by the Playmates Tournament System. To earn an official Battle Dice Rating & Ranking, you must receive a Battle Dice Player ID Card at a Sanctioned event, and the Tournament Organizer for that event must submit results to the system in a timely

Please use the navigation options to the left of this message to access the functions of the tournament system.

If you have any questions regarding this site, the ratings or rankings, or the Playmates Tournament System, please feel free to contact us.