Locating Lokis

Q: My Loki doesn’t match the Loki picture in the figure gallery, what’s up with that?

A: Due to a fortunate glitch in the production, there are actually 2 different Lokis (Lokii…Lokus…whatever) in the set. They both have the same stats though. As of now we’re not sure which is the more rare, but it appears to be the seated one.
Where are Silver Surfer, She-Hulk, and Red Skull?

Q: I’ve opened 4 Quadzeelion boosters and I still haven’t gotten Silver Surfer, She-Hulk, or Red Skull, what’s up with that?

A: We had a problem at the factory with these three figures and they didn’t make it into the first wave of release 1 boosters. They are now slated to be prizes for participating in or winning a Marvel Battle Dice tournament, with She Hulk and Red Skull available as participation prizes (in other words, whether you win, lose or draw you’ll get a certificate to mail in for one of the two) and the Silver Surfer as the prize for winning the tourney. The current plan is to keep these three exclusive to the tournament scene.
So, while they “do” appear on the Release One checklist, rest assured if they’re the only three figures you’re missing, your set is technically complete!
Promo Figures

Q: How many promo figures have been produced for Battle DIce, what are they, and how do I get them?

A: Playmates reports two promos are in the pipeline. One is going into Diamond Comics Distribution’s system and will be sent to retailers who participate in a marketing program Diamond is running. This figure will be “Stealth Wolverine” and will have different stats than the Wolverine in the main set.

The second is a figure that is going to be distributed through an in-school promotional program targeting the educational market. It’s a Spider-Man figure, but it appears that the only difference between that figure and the figure in the starter set is an indicia change (“P”, instead of “S” on the figure).

There will be roughly 15,000 Stealth Wolverines, and roughly 250,000 Spider-Man promos.

Ask your local retailer about the Diamond promo, and talk to students in your area about the school promo.